Monthly Bookkeeping Services

Looking for monthly bookkeeping services to keep your business records up to date and ensure your income and expenses are recorded accurately?  We are Chicago’s premier QuickBooks Online bookkeeping firm. Businesses ranging from $150,000-$2 million in annual sales depend on us to keep their accounting records organized, up to date, and ready for tax season each year.

We are a perfect fit for small businesses that don’t have accounting knowledge, training, or certification in bookkeeping software. They want to outsource their monthly bookkeeping to a trusted accounting and bookkeeping firm. Smart, busy business owners don’t have time to go into QuickBooks regularly, but we do! We will complete bookkeeping records and reconcile them every single month. Our customized packages and value pricing approach protect you from paying by the hour.

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Monthly Bookkeeping Services

Billing Model

Hourly billing practices are prone to fluctuate and can be unreliable and untrustworthy.  With Amber’s Bookkeeping, a price is proposed for the entire year of bookkeeping. Every month we check in with you regarding your accounting records and complete the work inside your QuickBooks Online software.

So how is a bookkeeping price determined? It’s all based on a set of financial criteria as well as what specifically matters to you as a business owner. Monthly bookkeeping packages are completely customizable so what you get exactly the services you need!

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Monthly Bookkeeping Packages

    • Essentials Package

      The Essentials Bookkeeping Service package is for solopreneurs and small businesses that need basic bookkeeping assistance. They might only be a year or two into running their business, have a low volume of transactions, or just need accurate records for tax returns. Despite being small in size or simple in their needs, monthly bookkeeping records will enhance their capability to spend money wisely while growing their business to the next level.
    • Advanced Package

      The Advanced Bookkeeping Service package is our most popular. It is well-suited for established, growing businesses that have started acquiring assets, loans, lines of credit, or equipment for their business. These business owners look forward to the detailed monthly reports that we send out, so they can get a good pulse on their income, profits, and expenses. Being able to see account balances, asset values, loan balances, and outgoing payments provides a comprehensive picture of the small business’s finances.

      Advanced Services, of course, include all of the tasks that come with the Essentials packages. The additions in this package speak to their growth in volume, more automated reports, and an increase in bookkeeping complexity, including loans, assets, leases, and journal entries.
    • Premium Package

      The Premium Bookkeeping package is for small businesses that want all the tasks in the first two packages but with a ton of added customer service. You’re placed first in line every month to get your bookkeeping completed. We respond to your calls and emails right away. Each month, you can Zoom us to discuss your monthly reports, and we will analyze the data together.

      You not only get great customer service, but we can also help track your data by location, class, or project. We have a pulse on your accounts receivable and help you automate things inside of QuickBooks and connect up apps to make your workflows easier.

Not sure of what you need?

Amber can build off one of these packages by adding or subtracting items based on your specific criteria and expectations. We believe in empowering small businesses around their finances by removing confusion, fear, and uncertainty so that the business owner will have the clarity to expand, influence, and succeed in their business endeavors.

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