Project Bookkeeping

       At our company, we offer project bookkeeping services that are particularly helpful for businesses that may have fallen behind on their bookkeeping records, or have inaccurate numbers. If your business is experiencing issues with lapsed data or transactions in QuickBooks, or if your QuickBooks data contains errors, reconciliation discrepancies, or missing information, we can help.

       Our team will clean up your data and correct any issues, so that you can have accurate and reliable financial records. We also ensure that all relevant information is entered and all accounts are reconciled, so that your business operations can continue without any disruptions.


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Project Bookkeeping Services

Our Diagnostic Review Process

Our customized bookkeeping services include a diagnostic review for customers who already have QuickBooks Online software. We begin by conducting a thorough analysis of your specific needs and scope of work, to give you accurate pricing for our services.

We use a comprehensive bookkeeping checklist to ensure that every aspect of your bookkeeping is reviewed and evaluated. This includes identifying any areas that need attention and determining what needs to be done and completed to improve your bookkeeping practices.

Once we have finished our analysis, we provide you with a detailed report that outlines the results of our assessment. You’re free to use this report as you wish, or you can allow us to fix and complete your books based on the recommendations in the report.


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