Project Bookkeeping

Our project bookkeeping services are great for businesses that have gotten behind in their bookkeeping records or perhaps do not have accurate numbers and reports.

Has your business’ data and transactions lapsed in QuickBooks? Or does your QuickBooks data contain errors, reconciliation discrepancies, or missing information? We can clean it up for you and put you back in control. When we perform project accounting, we correct the data, get relevant information entered, and reconcile all accounts so you don’t miss a beat. During our discovery call and Zoom meeting, your bookkeeping needs are quantified and a set price for your project is built.

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Project Bookkeeping Services

Our Diagnostic Review Process

Using QuickBooks online software incorrectly is not the only reason for errors in your bookkeeping records. Accounting principles, workflows, and bookkeeping experience are essential to producing reports that are useful to the small business owner.

If you’re not sure about the state of your books, we also offer a diagnostic review for business owners that already use QuickBooks Online and need accounting for projects. For a flat fee, you let us into your QuickBooks online and we look around.

Just like a doctor, we will tell you everything that is right and everything that is wrong inside your file. The seventy-five point report we build as part of the review is yours to keep. If you benefit from the information on the report and are impressed with our knowledge, we will provide a price for the catch-up and clean-up project.

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